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Our Banana Island Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria location offers all the same services as our USA clinics: 


  • Weight Loss with healthy diet recommendations, medications in pills and injections that are all safe and FDA approved for weight loss

  • Coolsculpting Elite to melt stubborn fat without surgery and sculpt your body from head to legs: arms, back, belly, thighs, chin, breast for men

  • Morpheus 8 non surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation for face, neck, body, stretch mark and cellulite treatment, neck and face lift, body contouring, acne and scar treatment

  • Botox for prevention and treatment of wrinkles, excessive sweating, and for a natural glow

  • Dermal Fillers to correct, treat and enhance face and body features like lips, cheeks, eye bags, sunken eyes, chin, jaw line etc

  • IV Therapy to boost your energy, immunity, create a natural glow and healthier skin and body


Downpayment / Deposit to be paid in advance for weight loss, IV therapy, Botox, Fillers #30,000 Naira or equivalent in dollars USD. This deposit will be deducted from your total payment at the time of service


Downpayment/ Deposit to be paid in advance for Coolsculpting Elite, Morpheus 8 #250,000 - #500,000 Naira or equivalent in dollars USD. This deposit will be deducted from your total payment at the time of service

Dream Weight Botox Clinic Bank Account for payment and transfers :

Zenith Bank Naira Account : 122 909 6456


Please call the clinic after payment by transfer on +234 906 991 3779 to verify that it was received. Thank you.

Lagos Nigeria Clinic Address: Plot 9 Block 4 Olori Mojisola Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island Road Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria


Tel: +234 906 9913779                                                                                                                                                                  Email:

Medical Spa Lagos

Medical Spa Ikoyi

Wellness center Lagos

wellness center Ikoyi

Weight loss Clinic Lagos

Weight Loss clinic Ikoyi

Lose weight Lagos

lose weight Ikoyi

Ozempic injections Lagos

Ozempic injection Ikoyi

LipoB12 shots Lagos

LipoB12 shots Ikoyi

Weight loss injections Lagos

Weight Loss injections Ikoyi

Phentermine pills Lagos

Phentermine pills Ikoyi

Botox lagos

Botox Ikoyi

Filler injections Lagos

Filler injections Ikoyi

Wrinkle treatment Lagos

Wrinkle treatment Ikoyi

American Doctor Lagos

American Clinic Ikoyi

USA doctor Lagos

USA doctor Ikoyi

Men’s health clinic Lagos

Erection treatment Lagos

Erection treatment Ikoyi

Coolsculpting Elite Lagos

Coolsculpting Elite Ikoyi

Morpheus8 Lagos

Morpheus8 Ikoyi

Face lift Lagos

Face lift Ikoyi

Neck lift lagos

Neck lift Ikoyi

Skin tightening Lagos

Skin Tightening Ikoyi

Stretch marks Lagos

Stretch Marks Ikoyi

Cellulite treatment Lagos

Cellulite treatment Ikoyi

IV therapy lagos

IV therapy Ikoyi

Glutathione Lagos

Glutathione Ikoyi

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