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FAQ + Information 

Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Call to Book Appointment 769-444-5673 MS,  706-509-2345 ATL

Best Laser Hair Removal


  • Who can get it? Adult ages 21 and over

  • How many sessions? It varies but expect 4-10 sessions for those with prior treatment (4 sessions) with each session spaced out 6 weeks apart so that hair follicle (root) has enough time to grow and be treated

  • How does it work? Kills the hair root (follicles). We adapt the power according to your ethnicity and skin tone so safe for all skin types

  • Does it hurt? Typically, NO but some discomfort could be felt and we have different ways to reduce them

  • How long does it last? After all the sessions expect to be hair free 1-2 years or longer

  • Who cannot do the treatment? No treatment directly on top of any skin with tattoos, open wounds, pregnant or breastfeeding patients

  • Before treatment: Shave the area at least 24 hours before or the day of the treatment. Avoid hair removal cream (Nair), no plucking, waxing, or tweezers because that pulls out the root that we need to treat

MORPHEUS8 (RadioFrequency + Microneedling)


Used to treat skin problems on the face and body like acne, stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin, over sweating, tired appearance, wrinkles and spots. Used to kill stubborn body fat to contour the body.


Who can get it? Any adult from ages 21 years old.


Who can’t get it? Pregnant and breastfeeding women, bleeding problems, active skin infection around the area(except acne), overall poor health, and the presence of a pacemaker.


Does it hurt? Typically NO. Some may feel a bit of discomfort while others don't. We apply numbing cream to the area before treatment.


Before appointment: Consultation is free for information. Stop accutane 6 month before, stop other face peeling creams like salicycic acid, and retinoids 1 week before & after treatment.


After treatment: No makeup for 2 days, apply aquaphor to the treated areas. Zyrtec and Benadryl as needed if itching occurs.

Pricing Information

Morpheus 8 (Radiofrequency + Microneedling) and Diolaze XL Laser Hair Removal


MORPHEUS 8: Look as young as you feel 

Full Face

*    1 Treatment $2000

*    3 treatments $4500

Face And Neck:

*    1 Treatment $2400

*    3 Treatments $5500



*    1 Treatment $1300

*    3 Treatments $2400



*    1 Treatment 1 scar $800

*    3 Treatments $2000


Stretch Marks and Cellulite

*    1 Treatment area $ 1300 e.g both arms/both thighs/belly/back

*    3 Treatments of 1 area $3000

*    3 Treatments 2 areas $6000


Hyperhydrosis = Excessive Sweating

*    4 treatment package $3500 spread out over months


Skin Resurfacing portion of Morpheus8.  Improves skin texture, glow, brightens skin and treats small/fine lines:


Full Face skin resurfacing

*    1 Treatment $1500

*    3 Treatments $2850


Skin Resurfacing Face + Neck

* 1 Treatment $2600

* 3 Treatments $3600


C. Combination Morpheus8 AND Skin Resurfacing together better results:


Full Face

*    1 Treatment of both $2500

*    3 Treatments of both $3500


Full Face + Neck

*    1 Treatment of both $3000

*    3 Treatments of both $4000


Both knees/back of hands/elbows

*    3 treatment package $4600


Morpheus8 AND Skin Resurfacing larger areas: Abdomen or Back

*    3 treatment $6000


DIOLAZE XL Permanent Laser Hair Removal 4-6 sessions to be done within 12 months


Whole Face (including chin, sideburns/beard, lips) $1000


Whole Face + Whole Neck $1250


Upper and Lower Lips /Chin/Sideburns $500


Neck/Hands $500, Underarms $750


Complete Torso (Including chest, abdomen AND back) $2500


Chest OR Abdomen $1250, Back $1500. Bikini $1000


Brazilian Bikini Front + back (labia/pubis/scrotum/perianal) $1500


Whole Arms $1500 / Whole Legs $1900


Head to Toe (Entire Body) $4400

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